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4.1. Problem Statement 

The outbreak of Covid-19 did not only weaken our health systems but also intensified the issue of food insecurity as most producers had to engage in social distancing and consequently cease production. Whilst this holds, infectious diseases like Covid-19 require individuals to invest massively in their immune systems. However, without access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food, this can only be dream. In South Africa, with the majority of the population living below the poverty line, nutritious food is a luxury.

4.2. Proposed Solution 

In an attempt to build capable and sustainable communities, the Baneng foundation helps community organisations and schools to establish and sustain vegetable projects. Food garden projects have become an important part of sustainable community development strategies, particularly in disadvantaged communities. The purpose and importance of food gardens is to improve distressed communities by promoting sustainable community development and provide means for sustainable food security. They also provide opportunity for the poor residents to grow their own food. The benefits of community-based gardening projects likely extend beyond food security, as gardens provide fresh vegetables, and the process of gardening involves physical exercise. 

4.3. Objective

The objective of this programme is to: 

• To improve food security in disadvantaged communities. 

• To promote healthy eating habits, promote home gardening, and offer educational programs on wellness and health. 

• To increase the scope of home gardeners in communities.

4.4. Execution In partnership with communities and schools, we identify arable land and a selected range of crops to grow. Following this, we secure water supply, man-made manure and disinfects. At the end of the growing season, the crops are shared equally among community members. 

4.5. Funding and other resources 

This project is currently funded through donations from individuals. The foundation is currently looking to partner with business and government. 

4.6. Applications 

- A minimum of 5 Community members 

- Community members 

- Must be South African Citizens

- Not involved in full-time employment 

4.6.1. Required Documents 

- Certified South African ID Copies 

- Affidavit and Proof of Residence


For online applications please use the form below. For paper based applications please contact us directly either through email, call or WhatsApp. We strive to provide the quickest turnaround time.

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