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3.1. Problem Statement

Learners in rural-based schools often lack educational resources and this impedes their ability to perform exceptionally. In these low-income areas, school supplies are a luxury, as such, schools don't have proper equipment and resources necessary to ensure quality learning. This is evidenced by the shocking illiteracy and innumeracy levels in rural areas. 

3.2. Proposed Solution

One of the effective ways in which levels of illiteracy and innumeracy can be reduced is by supplying deserving schools with the necessary equipment and school resources {e.g. chalks, books, stationery, display boards etc.} for effective learning. Through our book drive initiative, we are also able transfer books to the needy. Education does not only increase the chances of being employed but plays a crucial role in helping individuals to identify and relate with the environment.

3.3. Execution

The Baneng Foundation provides backpacks filled with learning resources that enable learners to learn effectively. The backpacks comprise of:

• Calculators

• Binders

• Coloured pencils, crayons and markers

• Ruler with English and metric measurements

• Coloured pens

• Erasers

• Pencil boxes / cases

• Glue sticks

• Graph paper

• Pens and pencils

• Pencil sharpener

• Books (story, colouring, plain text)

• Dictionary

• Numeric display boards

3.4. Funding and other resources to be utilized 

This project is currently funded through donations from individuals. The foundation is currently looking to partner with business and government. 

3.5. Applications 

- Must be registered with the Department of Basic Education. 

- Must be situated in a rural area 

3.5.1. Required Documents 

- Proof of School's Registration 

- Proof of School's Physical Address 

- Letter of financial need


For online applications please use the form below. For paper based applications please contact us directly either through email, call or WhatsApp. We strive to provide the quickest turnaround time.

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