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Our Objective

The Baneng Foundation was founded in January 2020 to serve as a catalyst for change. It was founded on the fundamental values of integrity, resilience, good humour, honesty and commitment. Our objective is to create a training ground for social change by empowering youth and providing ongoing financial and technical support to rural communities. The Baneng Foundation is the home of children. Our home is highly driven by the motto "Motho ke Motho ka Batho" which simply means "A person is a person because of other people".  We go a long way in ensuring that children have a conducive environment wherein they are free to dream and become the best version of themselves.

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Our Causes

Food insecurity is an unfortunate reality for many South African households. Approximately 50 per cent of South African households live under the poverty line and cannot afford basic food stuffs. Although food is a basic human need, majority of people are trapped in a cycle of hunger by forces beyond their control, such as poverty, disaster, epidemic diseases, past imbalances and lack of education. To address this challenge, the Foundation provides food parcels & toiletries to old-age homes, orphanage, disability centres and homeless people. The Foundation’s mandate is to develop interventions to ensure vulnerable households have access to adequate nutritious food and other safety nets.


Learners in rural-based schools often lack educational resources and this impedes their ability to perform exceptionally. In these low-income areas, school supplies are a luxury, as such, schools don't have proper equipment and resources necessary to ensure quality learning. This is evidenced by the shocking illiteracy and innumeracy levels in rural areas. One of the effective ways in which levels of illiteracy and innumeracy can be reduced is by supplying deserving schools with the necessary equipment and school resources {e.g. chalks, books, stationery, display boards etc.} for effective learning. Through our book drive initiative, we are also able transfer books to the needy. Education does not only increase the chances of being employed but plays a crucial role in helping individuals to identify and relate with the environment.


By early 2020, approximately 40.1% of young people were unemployed in South Africa. While some have post matric qualifications, others don’t, which makes them less likely to obtain a job. Even worse, those who have post matric education are usually exposed to learnerships and internships without any guarantee of full-time employment. Chief amongst the barriers to full-time employment, is the lack of experience. This calls for initiatives aimed at empowering and equipping young people with relevant entrepreneurial skills that would enable them to establish their own businesses. By so doing, they are not only creating means of living for themselves but also for others. Our program introduces participants to basic entrepreneurial concepts, business processes and models, funding opportunities, sales and marketing strategies, small-scale business operations as well as market niche.


In an attempt to build capable and sustainable communities, the Baneng foundation helps community organisations and schools to establish and sustain vegetable projects. Food garden projects have become an important part of sustainable community development strategies, particularly in disadvantaged communities. The purpose and importance of food gardens is to improve distressed communities by promoting sustainable community development and provide means for sustainable food security. They also provide opportunity for the poor residents to grow their own food. The benefits of community-based gardening projects likely extend beyond food security, as gardens provide fresh vegetables, and the process of gardening involves physical exercise.

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.
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