Our objective is to create a training ground for social change by empowering youth and providing ongoing financial and technical support to rural communities.


At the heart of the Baneng Foundation is the notion of capable and sustainable communities. That is, “places where people want to live and work, now and in the future. 


The Baneng Foundation was founded in 2020 to serve as a catalyst for change. It was founded on the fundamental values of integrity, resilience, good humour, honesty and commitment. 

We Need Your Help to Rescue Children

We welcome both monetary and non-monetary donations. For monetary donations please use the donations form. Those who wish to make non-monetary donations such as clothes, food, books, stationery and equipment may contact us directly via email or cellphone.


Get in touch today and start making the difference.

We care for the children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.

As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. The change we wish to see in the world begins with us.

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Meal A Day

We provide nutritious meals to homeless people on the street on specific days a month to boost their immune system.

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Book Drive

We buy and collect old and new books and redistribute them to needy learners and disadvantaged schools. 

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Rehabilitation Centre

Our long term goal is to have a rehabilitation centre for homeless people and drug addicts to note their stories, concerns & solutions.

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Our Reach

We provide financial and technical support to nearly 12 communities in South Africa and have so far launched more than 15 community based projects. We strive to reach out to and provide assistance to the most deserving communities and individuals in South Africa.

Lives Impacted
Villages & Slum

Our Missions

Food Security

With the number of people living in poverty, nutritious food remains a luxury.


We have put in place various platforms to ease the facilitation of  donations.

Mental Health

Caring for the needy helps reduce depression and suicidial thoughts.

Empower Youth

We empower youth by offering online courses and personal mentoring.

Latest Causes

Reached: R6000
Goal: R45 000

In support of the Sustainable Development Goals, the foundation provides food parcels & toiletries to old-age homes, orphanage, disability centres and homeless people. Our mandate is to develop interventions to ensure vulnerable households have access to adequate nutritious food and other safety nets.

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Educational Resources
Reached: R7500
Goal: R50 000

We supply deserving learners & schools with stationery & school equipment {e.g. chalks, books, display boards etc.} for effective learning. In addition, through our book drive initiative, we distribute books to the needy. All of this is founded on the rationale that education pays the highest interest.

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Vegetable Projects
Reached: R3200
Goal: R40 000

In an attempt to build capable and sustainable communities, the Baneng foundation helps community organisations and schools to establish and sustain vegetable projects. Vegetable gardens play a crucial role in fostering community relations and providing means for sustainable food security..

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We believe in Change

At the heart of the Baneng Foundation is the notion of capable and sustainable communities. That is, “places where people want to live and work, now and in the future. They meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents, are sensitive to their environment and contribute to a high quality-of-life. They are safe and inclusive, well planned, built and run, and offer quality and equality of opportunity” (ODPM, 2004).

  • Zero Hunger
  • World Peace
  • Inclusive Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Youth Upliftment

Previous Year Impact

Year: 2020
Year: 2021
Year: 2022
Year: 2023
Year: 2024

Our Impact Details

In addition to the projects created, we have managed to collect and redistribute more than 70 educational books, recruit more than 30 volunteers and provide meals to homeless people in Polokwane CBD, Pretoria CBD and Johannesburg CBD. Our footprint has also expanded to several communities in the Limpopo and Gauteng provinces.

Volunteers Joined
Books Distributed
Meals Provided


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